List of Equipment Recommended for CPDN

The prices may not be current. Regular digital camera is interchangeable between microscopes, and hence is used as field camera as well.

Tracking Pests and Plant Diseases Using Geo-tagged Digital Images (PDF)

Product Description Vendor Cost


2 GHz P4 CPU with 512 MB RAM, 140 GB Hard Drive
Broadband, DSL or Cable Internet connection.
WiFi 802.11 b or g. Wireless network adapter (Laptops only)
Sound card, and speakers or headphones
1024 by 768 resolution monitor


Any ~$1,000
Digital Camera
A digital camera with an adaptor appropriate for the microscope(s) purchased. Any $1,000-$1,500 with accessories
Meiji EMZ13TR Trinocular Zoom Stereo (Dissecting) Microscope on PK Stand Zoom Range: 10x to 7 Martin Microscope Company under $2,000
Compound Microscope
compund microscope
Meiji ML5100 Trinocular Compound Brightfield Microscope   under $2,000
Dual Gooseneck Fiber Optic Halogen Illuminator (Optional).
The internal light source of Meiji dissecting stereoscope is insufficient for images. Auxiliary light source may needed. A dual gooseneck fiber optic halogen illuminator costs about $450-$500 from Fisher Scientific.
Fisher Scientific $230.00
(with UF Contract)
Image Enhancing Software
Google Picasa (download) Google Free
software Photoshop, Paint Shop or choice of your software. Any 0 to $150
New Option

It was not tested for UF/IFAS CPDN
MHC199PKG 1080i HD Digital Microscope Camcorder Package:
Sony HDR-HC1 High Definition Digital Camcorder
MM99 Microscope Adapter
256MB Memory Stick Duo Pro

Martin Micrsocope has camera packages that include adapters and Memory Stick $2,350

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